Insulation Products

Spray Foam Advantages

Energy One LLC is committed to raising the standard of energy performance in our community in an effort to do our part to reduce our Nation’s dependence on foreign energy. To that end, we proudly represent NCFI spray foam insulation & air seals, who have  been making your life more comfortable for over 40 years. From the carpet you walk on to the roof over your head and the insulation in your building’s walls, NCFI products make your world more comfortable, safer and more convenient.  NCFI is the industry leader in the formulation and manufacturing of rigid and flexible polyurethanes that you will find in products you use everyday.

Spray Foam Insulations from NCFI are environmentally-safe, non-toxic and will completely air-seal residential and commercial buildings. Combined with a proper management system, these products are the answer to improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency and sound abatement. By sealing out dust, allergens, odors and pollutants, these products allow the air management system to be designed so that the indoor air quality is healthier than the outside air.


Sealite – High Performance Residential Insulation

NCFI’s advanced spray foam insulation technology found in Sealite™ stops air infiltration cold so your home is more comfortable year round and more energy efficient. This environmentally friendly open-cell spray-in-place foam is permanent, increasing your home’s structural strength. Sealite™ provides an effective barrier to dust, pollen, and noise – and comfort for the life of your home.

  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Conditioned Attics
  • Wall Cavities
  • Wood and/or Steel Construction
  • Soundproofing Appications


InsulStar – High Performance Spray-in-Place Polyurethane Insulation

InsulStar® is a high performance insulation that delivers high R-value plus Air Barrier, moisture vapor retarder, and water barrier that blocks air infiltration and air-borne pollutants while controlling moisture movement to provide increased comfort with lower energy usage.  Formulated from renewable agricultural resources, this high-density, closed-cell spray-in-place polyurethane insulation system is odorless and completely non-toxic after installation.

  • Roof Deck
  • Wall Cavities
  • Subfloors
  • Crawlspaces


InsulBloc – High Performance Spray-in-Place Polyurethane Insulation

Often found in educational facilities, our continuous InsulBloc® polyurethane foam insulation is a highly versatile, closed cell, spray-in-place foam insulation with outstanding air barrier and moister barrier qualities. Costing about the same as conventional damp proofing and insulation, InsulBloc® has a number of significant advantages. It conforms to oddly shaped spaces, filling gaps and cavities to create an air barrier. It is fully adhered and monolithic with a high R-Value rating. Of course, NCFI’s InsulBloc® is compliant with building codes, and adheres to CMU, poured concrete, primed steel, wood and most other construction materials.

  • Commercial Applications


AgriThane – High Performance Spray-applied Polyurethane Insulation for Agricultural Facilities

NCFI’s spray-in-place polyurethane spray foam insulation system designed to be used in industrial settings and in agricultural facilities is called AgriThane. AgriThane can be used to insulate cold-storage buildings for agricultural products and poultry houses. AgriThane reduces operating costs in poultry houses by effectively eliminating unwanted air infiltration, sealing and insulating side walls, end walls, and ridge caps, either in new or retrofit applications. NCFI’s Spray Polyurethane Foam AgriThane can also be used to completely seal and insulate curtain side walls, further reducing energy consumption.

FortiCel Mold Prevention

Through cutting-edge proprietary coating technology, FortiCel™ provides a finished surface on all building components that will prevent mold growth on its coating surface. This coating is virtually permanent and is backed by full 25-year warranty protection. FortiCel™ helps prevent mold growth that may cause unnecessary damage to the structural framing of your house or threaten your family’s health. Apply FortiCel™ to protect your home and family against mold.


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Polyurea Waterproofing

Polyurea is the latest advancement in coating technology providing the best of all worlds. Its extreme durability makes it 20 times stronger than epoxy. It’s chemically resistant to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals. It’s even 98% more flexible than epoxy, allowing for natural concrete movement – Polyurea will not crack or peel.

Polyurea has been utilized for over 25 years in industrial applications such as pipe/pipeline coatings and linings, water treatment plants, manhole & sewer linings, and automotive fascia OEM molded parts. In fact, if you are familiar with spray-on pickup truck bed liners, you are familiar with Polyurea. Fast cure times, flexibility, and abrasion-resistance are all inherent properties of Polyurea, making it a natural choice for the high demands on an average garage floor.