Welcome to Energy One

Energy One prides itself in being the number one company in foam insulation on the East Coast. Our values and commitment is to a product that ensures improved and increased efficiency in heating and cooling, acting as a sound barrier and preventing the growth of mold or the entry of rodents. Application of Energy One foam insulation indicates that the homeowners have made the integrity and soundness of their home a priority.

It is also a product that goes on giving, not only by providing lasting comfort to you and your family, but in dollars and cents–by sharply reducing your heating and cooling costs.

You might get by without it, or try other alternatives, but at the end of the day, there is just no other product out there that provides the quality, assurance, and lasting benefits of Energy One foam insulation.

A Letter From Our President,
John Guffey on Energy One

After my wife and I purchased a home in Bluffton, SC in the summer of 2008, we proceeded to do what most couples do after a home purchase.  Monique moved forward with her plans of remodeling and decorating, while I was checking attic construction, crawl space environment, roof shingles, and other items related to the “bones” of the structure.

Fortunately, our contractor suggested we foam insulate the attic to create an environment friendly to storage and service equipment and foam insulate the crawl space to prevent the possibility of moisture damage to the hardwood floors.  He also assured me the application of foam insulation would have significant effect in reducing my heating and cooling costs.

He recommended we contract with Energy One, a company then located in Georgia, to apply open cell foam in the roof structures above the attics and closed cell foam in the crawl space.

We were so pleased with the results that exceeded our expectations, with the professionalism of the installation and with the character of their employees;  I came out of retirement and bought the company, which we then relocated to Bluffton.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide a product and service that improves the quality of life in our customer’s most important asset, contributes to energy reduction and adds true value to a home in the event of a future resale.

John Guffey